Most adults in the UK spend at least 2000 hours at work each year.

That’s a lot of hours.

And when you add the daily commute, weekend and out-of-hours work, overtime and work social events that number gets even bigger.

From that perspective, it’s easy to see that if your work isn’t working then it’s likely that your life won’t be working either.

When you consider that more divorces are caused by financial issues than anything else, more depression results from work than anything else, more bullying goes on in the workplace than anywhere else, more sexual harassment takes places at work than almost anywhere else… you can see that work can have a significant impact on your life.

That’s why it’s easy to think it’s your life that’s all wrong when actually it’s just your job that isn’t right. The truth is, there’s probably nothing wrong with your life that couldn’t be fixed by having a job you enjoy and which also gives you the lifestyle you desire.

That’s because when your work works, your life works too.

That’s where a career life coach can help you work out the five key requirements for happiness at work:

  • What you do.
  • Who you work for.
  • What you get paid.
  • What hours you work.
  • Where you work.

When all these elements are right, you’ll not only be able to create a career that’s right for you, but a life as well.

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