Ola Philip King asked:

CV Writing and Resume Writing is a serious part of starting the Job hunting process. In today’s competitive job market, were every candidate wants a recruiter or employer to give their CV or Resume the attention it deserves, if you want your application to be taken seriously and you want your CV / Resume to be separated from the bulk feel free to consider and include the following 9 qualities in your CV or Resume.

Your chances of securing interviews is likely to increase by up to 50% if you skilfully articulate these points However only include these qualities if you genuinely have them.

Industry Targeted/Job Specific Qualifications or Training -Recruiters and employers absolutely love this, candidate that do not require extra training and already has a catalogue of relevant job specific qualifications always stand out.

Evidence of adding to the bottom line of a company or business – If you can prove this and it is clear in your career track record, you will stand out.

Prove that you have always met and exceeded your job targets – If this is clearly show and outlined, you will be a winner in the job hunting market.

Figures, Figures, Figures! – Have you made money for past employers or companies, have you sold products or services, won contract or tenders, state this clearly on your CV particularly if you are in a sales, marketing, retail, real-estate or similar sectors. Stating Figures explicitly can make you stand out above the rest.

Industry Awards and Prizes for work achievement – Listing these (if you have any), always goes a long way in proving you are different, dedicated and special!

Staff Management Abilities – Skills and expertise related to dealing with people, this includes any experience of training, interviewing, company presentations, coaching, work delegation, appraisals etc. If you have these skills, summarise and list them for maximum results.

International, National or Local exposure – If you are going for a local Job in a particular area, a previous track record of working in that same area always appeals to Employers and Recruiters. Similarly if you have international exposure in a specific job market, for example the building and construction industry, this looks good too, Mention such valuable information and stand out.

Consistence Track history with fewer employers – Stable Job Seekers that have worked in a company for a years, always get their CV or Resume noticed – if this can be said of you (you have stayed in one firm for 6-10 years or similar), then bring this to the for front of your application, Recruiters and Employers favour such candidates.

Accuracy and relevancy to job post advertised – This is critical, if you have all or even some of the above criteria’s, don’t forget to reflect your experience and abilities in line with the post you are pursuing, all these qualities can make you an immediate winner.

However l must admit, from experience l know it takes skills and someone with a recruitment HR background to skilfully assess job seekers expertises and help them put together the ultimate industry CV /Resume to secure interviews. If you fall into this category its worth getting your CV / Resume professionally written by an expert who knows how to help you.